1 in 10

A few weeks ago I got some very exciting news… Version 22’s second product Nimble, a one-finger package opener, made the finals of the Nesta Inclusive Technology Challenge prize!

This was after initially entering as one of 200 and then competing in the second stage with £2,000 as one of 25 semi-finalists. Now as 1 of 10 finalists I have from until February next year, along with £10,000 of prize money, to make as much progress with Nimble as possible.

My plan? Start product testing with over 150 volunteers in 1 month, develop accessible product packaging with a professor at a nearby University in parallel with that, go to another international trade show in Germany in October (read about my last one over here on the Version 22 blog), shoot a promotional video and begin full blown production.

So in other words… lots to keep me busy.

I think the format of challenge prizes is brilliant; giving funding in incremental stages and expecting contestants to reach a certain number of milestones. After all deadlines (and money) make things happen don’t they?

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