Be a “slacker”

Sometimes it can feel like every day is a manic race to the bottom of your to-do list.

But what if, to put it bluntly, your to-do list is full of rubbish?

  • That item you added 6 weeks ago… does it really still need doing?
  • Is the task at pride of place at the top of your agenda really that important?
  • Will these so called “critical” tasks truly further your business or could you avoid doing them altogether and not even notice the difference?

Sometimes it’s worth zooming out and viewing your business from 30,000 feet. That way you can see where you want to head and determine if what you’re working on is really helping you make steps in the right direction. Getting a clear picture like this is something that’s often only possible when viewing your business from the outside.

So go-on, give yourself a day off the to-do list and be a slacker. Have a think about your business as a whole and what your priorities really are. You might be surprised what a little time out can do.

After-all clearing your to-do list by erasing tasks that don’t need doing is much quicker than doing everything and is much more effective too!

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