Decisions, decisions, decisions

I had a meeting in London today (down there a lot recently) with a business “accelerator”.

” What’s an accelerator? ” you ask. That’s pretty much how I put it too actually when I asked them. Anyway an accelerator is a fast moving environment for startup businesses designed to get them up and running quickly, to “accelerate” them if you will, and normally comes with office space and financial support.

This particular accelerator caters for businesses selling to retail, like I plan to, so I was interested to hear what they had to offer. They’re based in a nice area of London with nice offices to boot so a great first impression all in all!

We had a chat for an hour or so about my business, their business and everything in between and I left with a lot to think about. Namely, is going into an accelerator the right move for me? If so when should I make this move? And if I did enter the accelerator how would that affect my personal life?

All big questions I know but ones which need asking. It’s a big decision after-all!

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