Going the extra mile (and a half)

I was making preparations to build a new prototype recently that was urgently needed for a photo-shoot the following day. It was getting late (around 7:30pm) when I realised that in order to work my new vacuum pump (required for proper vacuum casting of the prototype parts) I needed a special US to UK transformer! Sort of like this one…




I little boring-looking but does the job!

A quick search online showed me that a Maplin in town would probably have what I needed. The only problem? The store shut at 8pm, it was 1.6 miles away and I didn’t have the car with me!

So that was it. Deadline missed right? Wrong.

In my mind there was only one thing for it, I had to run there.

So I said goodbye to the other people in the office and was off, running through the streets of Loughborough, in the half-light, in ill-suited shoes. Believe me when I say I got a few funny looks along the way!

And… I made it!

With 20 minutes to closing I arrived at Maplin and thankfully they had exactly what I needed. Problem solved.

Everyone always says you have to go the extra mile with your business to make things happen, I guess before now I didn’t know that the saying could be so literal!



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