How really needing to “go” can be great for business

Here’s something that I’ve discovered recently. Really needing to “go” can help you focus on the task at hand BIG TIME.

So what do I mean by this? Well imagine you’ve had a few too many cups of water/ tea/ coffee one morning and now nature is calling. Normally you just drop what you’re doing and go right? But what if you made yourself finish the task at hand before you went? That task would get done much quicker wouldn’t it?

This may sound ridiculous but it works, and why? Well you can think of this exercise like setting a self-imposed deadline on a task but one were your body is constantly making you aware that time is running out. This is one deadline you just can’t overrun after all! And, as we all know, without strict deadline things can take forever to finish. Just take a look at Parkinson’s Law –

“Work expands as to fill the time available for its completion”

To put it another way, if you allow yourself an hour to do a set task it will take an hour. If you allow yourself a day it will take a day. And if you allow yourself a week – you guessed it – it’ll take a week!

So next time you’re in the office and think you might need to “pop-out” challenge yourself to finish the task at hand first. You might just be surprised at how effective you become at getting it done.

P.S. – Obviously this tip only works for short-ish tasks. So if you’ve got a mammoth project that’ll take days to complete no matter what you do don’t, for the love of god, stay anchored to your desk chair for that long!

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