Like waiting by the road for the bus

It might just be me but I feel like bringing products to market (or managing several large projects at once) can be like waiting for the bus. The first one ends up taking longer than expected and suddenly you have two arriving at once!

This is certainly the case for me, as after almost a year working to get Geco Hub to market, overcoming obstacle after obstacle to move things forwards, we’re almost ready to start production. At the same time my second product Nimble, the one I started developing in earnest at the start of the year (so about 6 months ago) has already finished production and is in transit now!

So in actual fact the project I started working on later is the one that has completed sooner.

Who’d have thought.

Is this down to me learning a lot from the first project which has resulted in time savings? Or just me getting lucky with the first project and unlucky with the second? Who knows.

Either way┬áit’s onto project number three now… and what’s that? I’ll tell you when I figure it out.

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