Mentorrific News

A few weeks ago an exciting thing happened… I got my first official business mentor!

Many business owners I know are constantly telling me how important having a mentor is so I’m glad I’ve finally found the right match for me and my business.

I can’t say who they are for confidentiality reasons but I can say they run a multi-national branding agency so they really know their stuff. I’m looking forward to having someone with experience who I can bounce ideas off, get advice from and ultimately someone who can help me make Version 22 the best business it can possibly be.

I know mentor-mentee business relationships are supposed to go both ways so I’m determined to offer as much value in return as I can in some way or another. How I’ll do this if something I’ve yet to figure out though.

So what’s happened so far? It’s early days so not much but even after our first meeting I am feeling more motivated and inspired than ever!

  • Have you got a mentor?
  • If you have how do they help you and your business?
  • If you haven’t should you get one?

Questions definitely worth asking yourself.


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