Team up to save

I saved my business a lot of money recently.

How? Did I massively cut manufacturing costs or fire someone?

Nope, it was much simpler than that this time. I just teamed up with another company looking to achieve the same end goal as me.

You see I’d had my eyes on the international trade-show Rehacare for a few months and was looking into the possibility of exhibiting there.

The only problem? The few stands that had left were quite big and the cost of a stand was going to be the same as a small car.

Not cool. Covering my costs running a stand that expensive, at my first international trade-show, and with a product that costs less than a tenner? That was going to be a hard task indeed.

The solution? Me and a contact I’d made at a competition decided we would split one of the remaining stands 50/ 50 and share the costs involved. Now exhibiting was only going to cost me half a car, great! But there’s more…

I found out there was also funding for young companies looking to brave the overseas markets by going to such things as trade-shows and so I put in an application for that too, and got it! Now exhibiting at the tradeshow is looking very affordable indeed. Here’s hoping all the time and effort required to exhibit there will be worth it.


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