The Mind Reboot

I’m sure many of you reach a point each day where there is just too much going on in your head. I can’t be the only one can I!?

What I mean by this is that you’re juggling several tasks at once and are constantly thinking ahead to what needs to be started next.

No amount of planning gets rid of this feeling in my experience. It’s just natural to want to know the status of things and where things are in relation to where you want things to be.

And like me I’m willing to bet these thoughts, ideas, worries (call them what you want) follow you after the end of the working day, don’t they?

What you need really is something to do on a regular basis that requires, no DEMANDS, 100% of your focus and energy. With no room in your conscious thought to worry or ponder about business stuff what happens…?

You don’t worry or ponder.

In that instant you become removed from your tasks at hand completely. This allows you to come back to things later with more clarity and focus than before. Plus it’s nice every now and then not to have your mind running at full sprint, isn’t it?

Now at what point can you reach a state where you’re completely removed from business? Just being away from your desk? Hardly. On the commute home? Doubt it. How about whilst sleeping? Maybe, but it’s not proper time away if you’re unconscious is it?

No in my opinion it has to be something you do, in your free time, when you’re awake:


Maybe for some. For me the one activity that empties my mind completely is…


Yes that’s right. No matter how much my brain is ticking and whirring when I step into the pool all is tranquil after just a few lengths.

So what presses your mind reboot button? What helps you zone out? Make sure you do whatever it is often to help stay on top of things, retain clarity and reduce stress. It works trust me!

Now I think it’s time I went for another swim…

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