The Work-Life Trinity

The work-life balance.

You’ve all heard of it, you’ve probably all told someone else off/ been told off yourself for not paying one or the other enough attention.

Well I’ve been thinking a lot about the work life balance recently and have discovered it’s actually more like a triangle.

Take a look at the diagram below:

The Work-Life Triangle - (Copyright Simon Lyons 2015)



See it’s simple really, everything in your life can be broken down into three fundamental groups: friends & family, health & fitness and work.

Friends and Family

This includes partners, children, extended family, friends and communities. Some examples under this category might include:

  • Dropping your kids off at school
  • Family dinner times
  • Outings with friends
  • Chatting with friends abroad online
  • Volunteering for local and national charities
  • Gaming with strangers from around the world

Health & Fitness

This is everything from eating healthily, exercising regularly and doing things which reduce stress. Examples could include:

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Dieting
  • Going to Taekwondo practise


This is exactly what it sounds like, any activity that makes up part of your job description or progresses your own business. Examples could include:

  • Showing up to the office on time
  • Attending meetings
  • Speaking to customers
  • Accounting


And in the middle of this triangle?

Perfection. The golden, shining, comforting, euphoric and altogether unobtainable perfect balance between all three elements.

And the blue dot? That’s all of us, forever looping around the triangle, at any one point in time having mastered 1 or 2 of the elements but never 3. Over time I believe thisĀ orbit around the perfect balance may get tighter and tighter as you get a handle on things but will never reach a perfect balance.

“Well that’s depressing isn’t it?”

Quite the opposite actually! Don’t you find it comforting that everyone… everyone follows this cycle? Everyone from the Prime Minister to the owner of your local bakery down the road! Knowing that everyone is in the same boat and that a perfect balance is something always worth aiming for, if never actually reached, is quite a nice way to see the whole situation.

For example, you may find yourself stressing over work and that your new diet is slipping and you’re not spending enough time at home… but knowing that if you keep working at things the balance will swing the other way for a while and you’ll get back on track with your diet and the family (even at the expense of not as much happening at work), helps you stay sane.

So where are you right now in the work-life triangle, could you place the blue dot that is you?

I know the Work-Life Trinity might be quite a controversial way to view the work-life balance so I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and whether you agree or disagree with it.

Let me know in the comments below!



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