The Work-Life Trinity

The work-life balance.

You’ve all heard of it, you’ve probably all told someone else off/ been told off yourself for not paying one or the other enough attention.

Well I’ve been thinking a lot about the work life balance recently and have discovered it’s actually more like a triangle.

Take a look at the diagram below:

The Work-Life Triangle - (Copyright Simon Lyons 2015)



See it’s simple really, everything in your life can be broken down into three fundamental groups: friends & family, health & fitness and work. Continue…

Loosening the jaws of choice paralysis

I hit a bit of a speed bump the other day.

Now it wasn’t a big “problem” or the lack of options available to me no.

In fact it was that I had too many options to choose from.

You see I was looking at the different options in front of me that I could use to increase the size of Version 22’s community and I was suffering from a little something called choice paralysis.

What do I do first?

What happens if the option I choose to work on next isn’t the best choice?

Shouldn’t I be doing all of these things?

These were just a few of the questions I was asking myself. So I decided to do something about it and take the choice a little more out of my control. I did this by using a methodical process to compare my options against one another to produce a clear, prioritised list of things to implement.

Now I’m positive this method isn’t something I invented, nor something I’ve been the first to use in this way. Nonetheless I thought I’d share the process I followed stage by stage because it did wonders for me; helping to wipe the fog of confusion off the lens I viewed my business through.

So let’s get started. Continue…

Reacting to your environment

I attended a day-long event at University College London recently.

On the way over from the nearby underground station I passed by a brilliant little independent coffee shop so popped in for a morning cup. Being the early hours still at this point everyone was grabbing a hot brew and heading on their way to work. Nothing special here right?

After leaving the event several hours later and going outside for the first time all afternoon, I was hit by a wave of heat so intense it was almost solid (35 degrees the media tells me) and staggered back towards the train station, following the same simple route as this morning and regretting my decision to wear jeans.

As I approached the coffee shop from the other side I noticed an instant difference. Although the shop looked exactly the same they had now put a simple hand-written chalk sign outside that read…

⌜                       ⌝


⌞                       ⌟


Now I’m assuming they always sell iced coffee among other things but simply emphasising they had what everyone walking by wanted – a cold drink – they had adapted to their changing environment.

The result? The place was bustling inside with everyone, including me, ordering iced coffees or bottles of iced tea and sitting on the garden furniture outside (another addition since the morning).

Sometimes it’s just the little things but doing whatever you can to adapt your product offering and marketing to the changing environment can obviously pay off big. Sometimes the changes needed might be obvious, other times they might require a little thought. Either way these changes are definitely worth making.

Keep adapting and keep ahead.

Mentorrific News

A few weeks ago an exciting thing happened… I got my first official business mentor!

Many business owners I know are constantly telling me how important having a mentor is so I’m glad I’ve finally found the right match for me and my business.

I can’t say who they are for confidentiality reasons but I can say they run a multi-national branding agency so they really know their stuff. I’m looking forward to having someone with experience who I can bounce ideas off, get advice from and ultimately someone who can help me make Version 22 the best business it can possibly be.

I know mentor-mentee business relationships are supposed to go both ways so I’m determined to offer as much value in return as I can in some way or another. How I’ll do this if something I’ve yet to figure out though.

So what’s happened so far? It’s early days so not much but even after our first meeting I am feeling more motivated and inspired than ever!

  • Have you got a mentor?
  • If you have how do they help you and your business?
  • If you haven’t should you get one?

Questions definitely worth asking yourself.