Loosening the jaws of choice paralysis

I hit a bit of a speed bump the other day.

Now it wasn’t a big “problem” or the lack of options available to me no.

In fact it was that I had too many options to choose from.

You see I was looking at the different options in front of me that I could use to increase the size of Version 22’s community and I was suffering from a little something called choice paralysis.

What do I do first?

What happens if the option I choose to work on next isn’t the best choice?

Shouldn’t I be doing all of these things?

These were just a few of the questions I was asking myself. So I decided to do something about it and take the choice a little more out of my control. I did this by using a methodical process to compare my options against one another to produce a clear, prioritised list of things to implement.

Now I’m positive this method isn’t something I invented, nor something I’ve been the first to use in this way. Nonetheless I thought I’d share the process I followed stage by stage because it did wonders for me; helping to wipe the fog of confusion off the lens I viewed my business through.

So let’s get started. Continue…