Why being a know-it-all can kill your business

People sometimes assume that you have to be a Jack of all trades to run a start-up. This is simply not true, you have to be aware of your strengths and shortcomings and know when to ask someone else for help.

Building an app as part of your business but don’t really know coding? Some people may say you should take an intensive coding course, train yourself how to code properly and build the app yourself. It’s cheaper after all right? Wrong. The reality is completely different; unless you grew up as a coder and have years of experience your coding skills are simply going to pale in comparison to someone that breathes the coding language. You’d be much better off paying an expert to build the app for you, freeing you up to focus on what you’re really good at.

Focus on building your strengths up and get help with everything else. Learning from and working with people that know better than you is bound to set you on the right path and get you moving much quicker.

Find YOUR Routine

There are heaps and heaps of productivity blogs, podcasts, books and videos out there each explaining the best ways to be productive. Yes some of these tips and tricks can help everyone out to some degree, but at the end of the day you have to find a routine that works for you.

Bit of a night owl? Don’t try and do the 9-5 because that’s what people expect.

Quite the early-bird? Don’t feel you have to work until 5pm like everyone else if you’ve been going from 6am!

Experiment, do what feels natural and comfortable to you and see what the results are. For example after months of late nights I found out that if I simply get in just an hour earlier every morning I can get all of my tasks for the day done and be heading home hours before I used to. This is because those few hours in the morning are when I’m by far the most productive.

Everyone’s different so don’t try and stick to the status quo. Do your own thing. 9 to 5 isn’t a law that you as a business owner have to stick to after-all.

8 to 3, 12 to 12, 11 to 5? Take your pick.

Everything needs to be perfect

Sometimes it never feels like the right time:

“It’s just not the right time for a launch right now”

“I don’t have all the finer details ironed out just yet”

“I need to be sure nothing will go wrong before I give the go ahead”

“I can make it better so why move forward with what we have now?”

Here’s a realisation that has hit me a few times now…

Nothing will EVER be perfect and there will NEVER be a perfect time to take the next step.

Why? Because achieving perfection is impossible and striving to do so gets you caught by the law of diminishing returns, and waiting for the universe to align absolutely everything in your favour is placing trust in a system that is defined by chaos and unpredictability.

Just make sure everything is good enough and launch at the next available opportunity, you can always make adjustments as you go.