Cushions Galore

A few weeks back I was asked to be on a Q&A panel on funding at a homewares event in London. Not one to turn down an opportunity like that I said yes right away and booked my train.

The event was a full day and based out of Microsoft’s Cardinal Place offices in Victoria London – the sort of impressive steel and glass sculpture you’d expect from a multinational like the Windows guys.

Throughout the day I got to listen to some very interesting people tell very exciting stories about their experiences in the homewares industry, both good and bad, and managed to take loads of useful notes too.

After my panel I also managed to grab two key buyers from a large UK department store chain for a quick chat and to get their feedback on my product ideas.


They loved them! They had nothing but kinds words to say about both products which, coming from experts in the homewares market, gave me a real confidence boost! Needless to say I’m now connected with both of them on LinkedIn and will be in touch soon…

This just goes to show you never know who you might meet and when. Granted this was at a homewares event down the street from the department store’s headquarters but that doesn’t lessen the importance of the encounter!

Now if there were only other events like this I could go to…


Yes, Yes, Yes!

I have a mantra of, when at all possible, saying yes to business opportunities that present themselves to me:

Example 1

Conference Organiser – Do I want to exhibit at an enterprise conference in 2 weeks?

Me – Yes!

Someone I met at the conference – Do you want to speak at an event in London in a few month’s time?

Me – Yes!

And these two events led to me doing one of my first professional presentation and making a heap of great contacts for my business!


Real-life example 2

Do I want to follow this business on Twitter?

Me – Yes!

Business I Followed – Do you want to be on a Q&A panel at an event we’re hosting soon?

Me – Yes!

Contact I made through the event – I have a contact at The Economist who might be interested in interviewing you. Should I put you in touch?

Me – Yes!

Contact I made through the event – I’m organising a meeting at Number 10 Downing Street soon. Would you like to be a part of it?

Me – Yes!

This series of events led to my business featuring in The Economist and being lucky enough to visit Number 10 Downing Street and see it from the inside!

You truly never know where opportunities might lead, so why say no out of habit or fear? Say yes and see what happens, I dare you.