Team up to save

I saved my business a lot of money recently.

How? Did I massively cut manufacturing costs or fire someone?

Nope, it was much simpler than that this time. I just teamed up with another company looking to achieve the same end goal as me.

You see I’d had my eyes on the international trade-show Rehacare for a few months and was looking into the possibility of exhibiting there.

The only problem? The few stands that had left were quite big and the cost of a stand was going to be the same as a small car.

Not cool. Covering my costs running a stand that expensive, at my first international trade-show, and with a product that costs less than a tenner? That was going to be a hard task indeed.

The solution? Me and a contact I’d made at a competition decided we would split one of the remaining stands 50/ 50 and share the costs involved. Now exhibiting was only going to cost me half a car, great! But there’s more…

I found out there was also funding for young companies looking to brave the overseas markets by going to such things as trade-shows and so I put in an application for that too, and got it! Now exhibiting at the tradeshow is looking very affordable indeed. Here’s hoping all the time and effort required to exhibit there will be worth it.


Nimble has flow the nest

It’s official. The first batch of Nimbles were posted out a few days ago to people all over the UK and even to the US and Australia!


As a product based business, and coming from a product design background myself, shipping out physical products to people that have put up their hand and said they want one is a truly amazing feeling.

Just knowing that an idea I had has been realised as a physical product and is now making peoples’ lives better makes all the hard work and ups and downs worth braving a thousand times over.

Here’s hoping Geco Hub manufacturing finishes soon and we can get them sent out too!

Nimble and the Inclusive Technology Prize

You may or may not know that Nimble, my one finger opener product, is currently taking part in a challenge prize run by Nesta with a pot of £50,000 funding up for grabs for the winner. Exciting stuff or what!?

Well the latest stage of this challenge prize required each of the 10 finalists to publish an update on our progress.

Here’s my guest post on Nimble’s progress over the last few weeks. Happy reading!


My first time

Last week was my first time as an exhibitor at a trade show!

The trade show in question was Naidex, a huge disability show at the NEC in Birmingham. I was there field testing and soft launching my new product Nimble, a one-finger inclusive package opener. (See more over on my business blog here).

The reason I had a space there was thanks to be friend Duncan from Equipable Ltd. who kindly offered to share his stand with me! We drove to Birmingham last Monday afternoon to get everything set up for the following day and on Tuesday it all kicked-off…

It’s safe to say the next three days at the show were both exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure. How? Well I spoke to hundreds of people over the course of the show and had on average one person sign up to either be a tester or get email updates every 6 minutes!

The highlights for me? There were so many but here are my top 5.

  1. The sheer volume of people that were as excited as me about the product (200+)
  2. The number of people that asked to buy one then and there… despite the products shown being prototypes!
  3. The 100+ people that volunteered to be product testers on the spot
  4. Several healthcare professionals telling me Nimble was the best thing at the show
  5. Meeting Baroness and Paralypic champion Tanny Grey-Thompson
  6. Being asked to feature in a national magazine this summer.

What a blast! I can’t wait to exhibit at my next trade-show and thankfully it’s looking like this will be happening soon!

Want to find out more about Nimble? Read my in-depth post over on the Version 22 website here.